A professional educational institution is an eco system of numerous individuals who come together for performing various stipulated functions. This requires one and all to work in teams and each member to perform defined roles and responsibilities. Given this, it is often essential to understand the righteousness of appropriate work and social behaviour to be maintained as necessitated by laws and norms of the society. This page helps constituents like students to therefore equip themselves with an understanding of undesirable behaviours such as ragging.

To help students, faculty and other constituents from both academic and other domains.

  • Gain sufficient understanding of anti social behaviour such as ragging and take appropriate steps in ensuring the stipulated professional behaviour are adhered to.
  • Learn about mechanisms that are available within the organization to contribute to prevention of such behaviour.
  • Know about ways to report about such incidents to appropriate authorities in the event of occurrence of such behaviour.

Supreme Court of India Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written by the act which has the effect of teasing treating or handling with rudeness any junior (student) indulging in rowdy or indisciplined activites which causes or likely to cause annoyance, hardship or pyscholgical harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in fresher or junior student (s) or do any act or perform something which the student will not do in an ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrasement so as to adversely affect the psyche and do a physical harm to a frehser or a junior student

Below are examples of the wide range of ragging incidents that have been collated from common sources such as media and internet resources and placed here for your understanding. These may not be exhaustive but nevertheless gives one an understanding.

The term "new member" is used to designate the fresher or new students joining the organization, regardless of the type of group. These examples illustrate the range of behaviours that constitute ragging.

  1. Senior members contacting new members at various times of day and night ordering them to run errands for them.
  2. Senior members required new members to eat only particular kind of food which is considered abnormal for period of time.
  3. Senior members requiring new members to stand in the dark and listen to the same song played repeatedly.
  4. New members required to memorize exorbitant amounts of information about the group and were verbally abused when they answered questions incorrectly on a quiz.
  5. Senior members restricting new members' sleep by frequently waking them or requiring them to perform menial tasks or exercises in the middle of the night.
  6. New members given impossible tasks to perform in front of other junior /senior members who mock them during the process.
  7. Senior members pressuring new members to simulate oral sex or other sexual acts.
  8. Senior members blindfolding new members and dropped them off several miles from campus and told them to find their way back.
  9. New members forced to dress up to look like prostitutes or homeless people and paraded around.
  10. Senior members pressuring new members of the same sex to "make out" with each other.
  11. Senior members requiring new members to perform a range of tasks such as cleaning the rooms that do not belong to them.
  12. Senior members requiring new members to perform extensive calisthenics, at times to the point of collapse.
  13. Senior members mixing together a combination of unpalatable leftover food and obligate the new members to eat it.
  14. Senior members verbally abused new members at meals to banter them with derogatory names, not allowing them to speak, and coerce them to eat standing in a corner.
  15. Senior members forcing new members to bring bathing suits and magic markers.
  16. Senior members requiring new members to live with members for a week during which they were not allowed to communicate with anyone else and were required to wear multiple layers of clothing to class. diktat
  17. New members being seated together at a table in a completely dark room. The surface of the table was covered with ketchup, mustard and hot sauce. The new members then required to press their faces against the top of the table and remain in that position for four hours.
  18. Members told the new members to sit together at a table in a pitch dark room and diktat them to squash their faces on the surface of the table covered with ketchup, mustard and hot sauce and remain in that position for four hours.
  19. New members were required to memorize detailed information about the current members. They were interrogated in a dark room with a bright light shining in their faces. When new members answered incorrectly, current members threw ladles full of mustard and ketchup in their faces.
  20. New members were required to drink water from a cleaned toilet, hold the water in their mouths, then crawl to a fireplace where they spit out the water to extinguish an imaginary fire.
  21. Members made a new member lie down on a gravel road and do extensive push-ups on his knuckles that caused bleeding and left scars.
  22. Members transported new members out of town where they were forced by members from another campus to endure rigorous calisthenics and humiliation.
  23. On a cold night, members stripped their new members, restrained them to trees with duct tape, and sprayed them with water from a hose.
  24. New members were required to steal private property as part of a scavenger hunt.
  25. Members made new members lie down naked in a makeshift pool filled with six inches of ice water, beer, kitchen garbage, and urine. Other new members took turns standing on a stepladder above the pool and attempted to drop raw eggs into the mouth of the new member lying in the fluid.
  26. Members sprayed water and beer on a tile basement floor and dragged naked new members around by their feet around.
  27. Members kicked and punched new members while they did calisthenics, causing extensive bruising.
  28. Members told new members that they would be branded as part of their initiation. After blindfolding the new members and placing them by a fire, members took branding irons immersed in ice water and pressed them against the new members' skin. Unable to distinguish cold from hot, new members thought they were being branded.
  29. New members were struck with blunt objects leaving bruises and scars.

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